Leg #2 Completed !!!

Well….we arrived in Copenhagen, DK last night after taking the car ferry from the Faroe Islands on some fairly rough sea’s…..glad to be on land again!  We dropped off my Roadster and Leo’s GMC at the shipping port this morning….the Roadster heading for NY and Leo’s GMC to Florida. There is major construction going on in both downtown Copenhagen as well as the shipping terminal area, so it was a challenge to locate…..even with GPS…..you know the drill….”recalculating”, “recalculating”,  etc

It was with mixed emotions when I left the Roadster today….I have spent the last three months in the drivers seat logging almost 12,000 miles to date, constantly on the move starting in Japan. I’ve seen so much and experienced so much it’s hard to grasp it all. ….and through it all my ever faithful Plymouth Roadster survived.  I couldn’t have asked for a better car….it really rose to the occasion when the going got really bad….there was more than one time that I said out loud ..”I can’t believe the car can take this much abuse, but it did!! ….actually I used some different expletive’s as I’m sure you can imagine. My good friends Rory Crooks and Dave Grant, who did all the mechanical work are to be congratulated on a job well done!!!!! Thanks guys!

So, it’s time to say goodbye to Europe. On one hand it will be great to get home to family and friends and return to a more normal lifestyle, but to be honest, I’m going to miss all the adventure……I’m often asked, “would you do it again”…..my answer…..wouldn’t you?? I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been able to undertake a journey like this. Believe me when I say….you will never view the world in the same way once you have sat behind the wheel of an old car and driven around it!! When people see the car it’s one of the best ice breakers you can have….it seems to break down whatever preconceived  barriers may have been before and opens up a whole new level of personal interaction, even if you’re not a car person.

That being said,  here are a few pics over the last few days


Waiting to board the ferry taking us from the Faroe Islands to Hirtshal, DK....rainy, windy night

Waiting to board the ferry taking us from the Faroe Islands to Hirtshal, DK….rainy, windy night

On board ....ready to leave

On board ….ready to leave

The gang at the Mammen & Dresecher A/S shipping facility....Next stop NY

The gang at the Mammen & Dresecher A/S shipping facility….Next stop NY

Luke and I at the shipping port

Luke and I at the shipping port

Leo and I

Leo and I


I love the photo below taken in Chimay, Belgium, by “Ste’v Art”….

See everyone in America for Leg#3......

See everyone in America for Leg#3……