Back Home and Back to Reality


Where it all started!!

Where it all started!!


The end of a long adventure….every mile a memory!!

The end of the journey.....16,392 miles.

The end of the journey…..16,392 miles.


WOW…..I’m back home and adjusting to staying in one place for awhile. It seems really strange not to be getting up each morning and hitting the open road. We experienced so many great adventures and met so many great people along the way, I can hardly believe it really happened…..I’m extremely fortunate to have been able to experience it all. This whole World Tour was a team effort and I’d like to acknowledge some very special people without whom this trip could have never happened.


1. MIR Corp, Seattle, WA.

Thanks to Doug Grimes and Anne Thorsteinson and the crew at MIR Corp for an outstanding job of handling the logistics that went into making this tour such a great success. Thanks everyone for all your hard work!!! In addition I would like to thank all the local guides that took care of us and got us  through some  very “interesting” border crossings and “road adventures”.

Japan…..Mr. Hiroyuki Tada (Hiro)

Vladivostok, Russia……Ms. Svetlana Sen

China……Mr. Yu Xinming (Sim)

Siberia, Russia…..Ms. Xenya Drozdova

Western Russia…..Ms. Natalia Ivanova

Europe…..Ms. Karen Bradbury


2. Today Sotheby’s International Realty….San Carlos, CA

Thanks to Jim Meader, Buddy Saupe and Debbie Cooper at Today Sotheby’s for sponsoring our website allowing us to post the blog you’ve been following. Great job on the web page graphics, background video’s  and support in keeping us on line!


3. Yellowstone Trail Association

Thanks to Mark Mowbray and John and Alice Ridge for all the help in mapping the original YT Highway running from Plymouth Rock, MA to Seattle, WA. I really appreciate all the support and info you gave us as we made the US journey….this is a “must do” route for everyone doing a cross country drive, especially in an old car!!


4. All the people from around the world that helped us along the way……THANKS!!!!!


With all that said, below are a few pic’s to end the trip


A broken wing.....this happened somewhere between Copenhagen and NYC....I think someone tried to steal it and it broke (it's bolted on, to prevent this from happening)

A broken wing…..this happened somewhere between Copenhagen and NYC….I think someone tried to steal it and it broke (it’s bolted on, to prevent this from happening) Note that the tie wrap holding the radiator guard is still  doing its job….never leave home without duct tape and tie wraps!!

Cleaned up and ready for the next adventure.....

Cleaned up and ready for the next adventure…..


Reader Input:

To keep this all going, I need a name for the ’28 Plymouth Roadster….all of you readers have been following all the adventures it has been through so it’s only fair you should have an input into giving it a name. So how about it….please send your idea via the “contact us”.

Let me know what you think….




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  1. And thank you John for shining your spotlight on our great old road, the Yellowstone Trail. It was a great pleasure to meet you and Luke and “hang out” with you both for a few hours. Mark

  2. Hey Mark

    I really meant it when I said I had a great time on the YT….I plan to do some more travel on the western end next year….maybe we can hook up and do a beta test on River’s Garmin route

    Please stay in touch


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