Old Iowa Roadside Station

This picture is from a drive I did last summer along some back roads in Iowa. Love the old “White Rose Gasoline” sign out front !!! This place dates back into the 20’s or earlier

These are the discoveries that make driving the back roads so great….just one reason I hate driving Interstate Highways



My latest adventure last year driving the Iowa Red Flag Tour. It was my “new build” trial run and the speedster performed great!! This is a 4 day driving event for cars 1927 and older. It’s a really great tour traveling thru some great very picturesque Iowa countryside….you should check it out!!

My two friends from Iowa (Rory and Tom) and I built this Speedster from left over parts from the 28 Plymouth Roadster I drove around the world. It’s got a flat head six DeSoto engine, overdrive transmission, steel disk wheels from a early 20’s Dodge and whatever parts I had lying around from misc other antique cars…..it runs really great and is a blast to drive…..cruises very comfortably at 60 mph, which is fast enough in this thing.

Once things get safer in the world I plan on a couple new adventures up to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, down the Saint Laurence Seaway and up into Northern Canada.

The other trip will be to drive the Transamerica Trail (TAT), which is an all gravel and dirt road/trail across the US….

Then maybe Norway…

Stay tuned for updates and STAY SAFE


Hello Everyone, this is John…..It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, so thought I’d bring you up to speed on what’s going on in the World Auto Tour World.

I’ve been working on the Roadster the last couple weeks getting ready for another road trip. I’ve installed new plugs, wire’s, dist cap, rotor, tightened all the nuts and bolts and most importantly mounted new new steel belted radial tires. I had been using the old school bias tires and what a difference the new radials made…much better ride and overall handling !!! Should have done this sooner.

Leo contacted me a while back, wanting to take his Model A Roadster Pickup on an adventure, so we are doing a 2500 mile Great Lakes trip around the shoreline of Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan which includes both the US and Canada. Luke was planning to go as well, however, due to other commitments he won’t be able to make it. I’ll be leaving California in the Roadster next week heading for Toledo, Ohio where I’ll meet Leo and hit the road!!! Not quite the adventure of the World Tour but will still be a great time…..next year will be a much bigger adventure, more on that later!!!!!

So….stay tuned…I’ll be posting the blow by blow details once we get started.