We got the Cord to my friends shop in DesMoines, IA this afternoon to finally get the right tools to check out the oil leak ( otherwise known as the Exxon Valdez oil spill). After pulling off a couple inspection plates it was discovered that the cork seal at the front of the oil pan had worked it’s way out of its seat and was hanging out of the oil pan allowing the oil to leak out.

The solution was to remove the oil pan and make a new cork seal to replace the failed old one. The seal was made installed and 4 hours later we were back on the road!!! It was great to be out of the Uhaul and tow rig and back in the Cord driving on its own again covering the back roads of Iowa, heading towards Auburn, IN.

We are spending the night in Cedar Rapids, IA…..if all goes well, we should hit Auburn late tomorrow afternoon.

Once again Team Foster Farms Chickens looked into the eye of adversity and came out victors… drive to scary!!!

On To Auburn!!!!