Days 46-47: Moscow

We’ve had a long day in Moscow battling traffic as we visited a Russian Air Force museum and took a tour of Moscow. We’ve got an early start tomorrow for our drive to St. Petersburg, so this is just a quick post to let you know the best news of the day: John got his replacement visa! And it’s a full visa that allows multiple entries so we’ll still be able to visit Kaliningrad. We had been concerned he might only get a 10-day tourist visa that would get him out of Russia, but not back in. But now we are good to go and will be able to complete our original itinerary.

I took lots of good photos today, and will post them tomorrow evening if we get to St. Petersburg early enough, or on Thursday if not. Tomorrow looks like it may be a very long day — we’ve been advised that the trip to St. Petersburg could take 12-16 hours, so wish us luck!